One Day Experiences


If you’re not quite sure if scuba is for you, or you only have limited time, a Try Scuba Diving day allows you to dip your toes in the water (literally haha #dadjoke)!

After an equipment and safety briefing, you will take your first breaths underwater with your instructor, either in the pool or in the ocean. While not a scuba certification course, a Try Scuba Diving day is a quick and easy introduction to what it takes to explore the underwater world.

Prerequisites: adequate swimming skills, in good physical health

Minimum Age: 10 years

Try Diving on a Shipwreck


If you’re looking for an EPIC first ever dive, look no further. The USAT Liberty wreck at Tulamben is covered with stunning coral and abundant fish life. Visibility is normally 15 -20 metres, the water is a balmy 29 degrees.

The entry here is a shore entry, so after some training in the swimming pool, we’ll help you into your equipment and then we simply walk into the ocean.

The only problem with diving the Liberty is that you will be left wanting more and more more..sign up for your Open Water course here.

Pick up Time in Canggu: 6am

Travel Time: 2.5 hours by car

Return Time to Canggu: 5pm approximately

Try Scuba Diving with Turtles


Amed is probably one of the most chilled out places in Bali, so no wonder this is where all the turtles hang out. The calm waters of Jemeluk Bay allow us to gently introduce you to the beautiful life underwater.

During our two dives in Amed, we dive over stunning coral reef, normally get to visit a turtle or two, and see all manner of sting rays, schooling reef fish and sometimes sharks and octopus.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of south Bali and the Liberty wreck, Amed is the place for you.

Pick up Time in Canggu: 6am

Travel Time: 2.5 hours by car

Return Time to Canggu: 5pm approximately

* Please note: This is a 1.5 day programme. Nusa Penida is a place of sometimes strong and unpredictable currents. To keep you safe, we will not take you diving at Nusa Penida without training you in the pool first.

We have a maximum ratio of 2 divers to one instructor for Discover Scuba Dives at Nusa Penida. Please also let us know if you’re prone to travel or motion sickness.

Try Scuba Diving with Manta Rays


If you want to really tick something off your bucket list, a trip to Nusa Penida to scuba dive with Manta Rays is a big one. A day or two before our trip to this island off the coast of Bali, we train you in the swimming pool in Canggu for around 2 hours.

Then on dive day, we pick you up and head across to Sanur where we take the speedboat to Nusa Penida island for your two scuba dives in the ocean.

We’ll head to a gentle dive site first to introduce you slowly to the underwater world in the ocean and recap on the skills you’ve learned in the pool the previous day. Next up, it’s off to Manta Point to hang out with these graceful and majestic creatures, maybe even a turtle or shark to top it off.

Pick up Time in Canggu: 6:45 – 7am

Travel Time: 1 hour by car, approximately 1 hour by speedboat

Return Time to Canggu: approximately 3-4pm

Try Scuba Diving with a Submarine


If you’d like to dive somewhere that’s still beautiful but a little closer to Canggu, consider a day trip to Padang Bai.

After training in the swimming pool, you’ll be off to dive in Blue Lagoon, lapping up the white sand, beautiful coral and clear waters. You may come across a turtle, sting ray or an octopus.

Dive two will likely be at Jepun, exploring the shallow coral formations, looking for clown fish, shrimps, eels, rays and schooling fish. If you’re lucky the submarine may come past whilst you’re underwater, give the chickens a bit of a wave and then marvel at the fact that you’re scuba diving #winning.

Pick up Time in Canggu: 7am

Travel Time: approximately 1.5hrs

Return Time to Canggu: approximately 3-4pm