The Best Snorkeling Trips in Bali

Snorkel with Manta Rays and Turtles at Nusa Penida

Best snorkeling trip in Bali – Nusa Penida

Make sure you experience some of Bali’s most epic and majestic creatures with a snorkel trip to Nusa Penida. Share the water with Manta Rays, watching these gentle (and harmless) giants as they glide around and underneath you. Truly a magical experience.

We’ll also visit other snorkel locations where you can enjoy cruising along at the surface and observing stunning healthy coral, hawksbill and green turtles and loads of schooling reef fish.

Expect a pick up at around 6:30am, then a drive across to Sanur where we take the speedboat to Nusa Penida island for your snorkel adventures in the ocean. Lunch is provided on the boat, as well as snacks and water.

Incredible Diving (blue)


Beautiful shallow manta rays that can be seen on the best snorkeling trips in Bali
Snorkel up close with manta rays, stunning coral, turtles and unimaginable numbers of schooling fish. 

Enjoy a fun day on the ocean with great views of Nusa Penida from the speedboat, and personalised service with a focus on safety.

Boat to Nusa Penida

Essential Info

Clown fish in their anemone, best snorkeling trip in bali
  • Pick up Time in Canggu: 6:30
  • Travel Time: 45 minutes by car, approximately 1 hour by speedboat
  • Return Time to Canggu: approximately 5pm
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A hawksbill turtle seen on the best snorkeling trip in bali

Nusa Penida waters are to be respected, conditions can be choppy and surface currents sometimes strong. Snorkelling at manta point is over deep water (8m+).

Snorkelers will be accompanied by an experienced and friendly guide, however you should be reasonably comfortable swimming in open water for this trip. 

Let’s Go Snorkeling!

Awesome Snorkeling Trips – Blue Lagoon


Snorkelling at Padang Bai is excellent with plenty to see and normally friendly conditions. We normally start the day snorkelling over the shallow and abundant coral at Tanjung Jepun. See how many varieties of reef fish you can count, and watch clownfish dancing in their anemones.

After a break, we’ll visit the healthy coral and clear blue waters of Blue Lagoon, hopefully with a turtle encounter.

  • Prerequisites: basic swimming ability or let us know so we can provide extra guides and life jackets. 
  • Pick up Time in Canggu: 6:30
  • Travel Time: 1.5hrs by car, approximately 10 minutes by traditional boat
  • Return Time to Canggu: approximately 4pm
What’s included?

Everything you need – transport (pick up and drop off at your hotel in Canggu), equipment rental, boats, lunch, snacks, water and snorkel guide. 

Are there any prerequisites?

You should have reasonable basic swimming abilities or let us know in advance so we can provide an extra guide or lifejacket. 

You must be able to swim to snorkel at Nusa Penida

In good general health (check out the medical form you’ll need to sign here)

What if I’ve never snorkelled before?

No problems at all, your guide will teach you how to use the snorkel and the correct finning techniques. We’ll also provide you with flotation devices such as wetsuits, buoys and a life jacket if you need.

What's the estimated schedule?

Approximate times (pick up and drop off in Canggu) are:

Padang Bai – pick-up is at approximately 6:30 a.m. and return around 4 p.m.

Nusa Penida – pick-up is at approximately 6:30 a.m. and return around 5 p.m.

How many snorkellers will be in the group?

We’re a boutique dive centre and like to keep our trips small. There will be a maximum of four snorkellers per guide. There may be other guests joining your day trips. If you’d like a private trip, please let us know!

Can I fly after snorkelling?


How do I sign up?

We ask for a deposit payment to confirm your booking. Contact our team if you’d like to book!