PADI Open Water Course

Become certified to dive to 18m with a buddy with some of Bali’s kindest and most knowledgeable dive instructors. 

PADI Open Water Course

Become certified to dive to 18m with a buddy with some of Bali’s kindest and most knowledgeable dive instructors. 

Doing your PADI open water course with Intrinity Divers will allow you to learn to dive in a supportive, personal and safe environment. We teach with a maximum of two students per instructor, allowing you to learn from your buddy’s mistakes and take the time you need to correct your own. 

We are wildly passionate about diving and our ocean environment. You’ll learn excellent buoyancy skills so you can enjoy the beautiful coral of Bali without damaging it. 

During your three-day open water course with us, we’ll help you build your skills and confidence to become a confident, safe and environmentally aware scuba diver.

A diver hovering in Padang Bai during his padi open water diver course

Open Water Course Outcomes

During your Open Water course you will:

  • learn and gain confidence in fundamental dive skills, including mask and regulator clearing, safety drills and buoyancy,
  • get a great understanding of dive physics and theory, 
  • explore some stunning Bali dive sites

PADI Open Water Course Content

A PADI open water diver on the Liberty wreck

Knowledge Development

Before your practical training, you’ll learn dive theory via elearning online.

This takes around 5-6 hours and is best done in small sections.

You'll learn about:
  • Fundamental dive physics and equipment
  • The ocean environment – currents and tides, hazards, boat and shore diving techniques
  • Decompression illness, gas narcosis and breathing gasses.
A teenage girl doing her padi open water diver course in Padang Bai

Confined Water (pool) training

In the morning, you’ll visit our dive centre to review dive theory and check equipment.

Then, it’s off to the pool to start your practical training.

You’ll become comfortable using scuba, working through five confined water dives and plenty of skills to prepare you for the ocean.

A student doing his padi open water diver course on the liberty wreck

Four Open Water Dives

We prefer to take you to Padang Bai and the iconic Liberty shipwreck at Tulamben for your open water dives which gives you the opportunity to practice boat and shore entry techniques.

The dive sites are filled with abundant, healthy coral and marine life. You’ll see wildlife such as turtles, octopus and cuttlefish, nudibranchs, shrimps, blue spotted rays, scorpionfish, lionfish and a vast array of tropical reef fish.

Become a certified diver with Bali’s best dive centre in a small group at exceptional dive sites.

What’s the actual certification?
What’s included?

Everything you need – transport (pick up and drop off at your hotel in Canggu), equipment rental including dive computer, tanks and weights, boats, lunch, snacks, water, PADI elearning, certification and instructor. 

Are there any prerequisites or tests?


You need to be able to swim for 200m (or 300m with fins and a snorkel) and float for 10 minutes. 

You need to be at least 10 years old. 

You need to be in good general health (check out the medical form you’ll need to sign here)

You’ll also need to meet all of the performance requirements of the course; and complete the knowledge development including a final exam before you start your practical training.

What’s the estimated schedule?

Approximate times (pick up and drop off in Canggu) are:

Day 1 – Knowledge Development and Confined Water in Canggu; 8:30am – 2pm 

Day 2 – Open Water Dives 1 & 2 at Padang Bai; 6:30am – 4pm 

Day 3 – Open Water Dives 3 & 4 at Tulamben; 6am – 5pm

How many divers will be in the group?

We teach with a maximum of two students per instructor. There may be other divers on your course with another instructor and other divers joining your day trips. If you’d like a private course, please let us know!

How long does the elearning take?

Normally 5-7 hours. It’s best done in small sections over a couple of days. We know we sound like your Mum, but please don’t leave it to the last minute!

Can I fly after diving?

You need to leave at least 18 hours, preferably 24 hours after diving before you can fly. 

How do I sign up?

We ask for a deposit payment so we can send out your elearning, we’ll also need your personal details such as your full name, date of birth and email address. Contact our team if you’d like to book!

What if I can’t swim?

You’ll need to meet the performance requirements of either a 200m swim unaided or a 300m swim with fins, mask and snorkel. If you’re not yet a swimmer, it’s a good idea to book some extra pool time with us so we can teach you correct finning techniques so you can meet the performance requirements and become comfortable in the water before your course. 

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