It takes a team to be the best dive centre in Bali.

Get to know us a little better or stop by our dive centre and say hi!

Who will I dive with?

Being a boutique dive centre, it’s more than likely you will dive with one of our team members below.

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Rachel Hyde

PADI Instructor 334870, DAN Instructor AP1019073

Intrinity’s owner and Director, Rach is a PADI and DAN Instructor, has been diving since 2010 and teaching since 2014.

More about Rachel

Whilst not so much in the water these days, you’ll almost certainly talk with her when you book. Rach loves teaching kids to dive, octopuses and her many, many Bali dogs. Rach is originally from Melbourne in Australia but has happily called Bali home since 2015.

Rachel is the owner and co-founder of Intrinity Divers.

best dive center bali

Amin Nuryono

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor 260278

Amin has been diving since 2006 and teaching since 2013. He is known for his terrible jokes (look at his upside down mask lol) and absolute joy for diving.

More about Amin

He has amazing eyes for finding small and well hidden critters and reading currents and conditions to keep our divers safe. Best of all, Amin is probably the happiest diver we know! Be prepared for a tune up of your mask clearing skills, as Amin will be making you laugh above and below the water. Amin is originally from Madiun in East Java.

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I Wayan Nesa Putra

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor 428306

Wayan has been diving professionally in Bali since 2012 and finally made the step to become a PADI instructor in 2021.

More about Wayan

Don’t be fooled by his serious underwater demeanour, he loves to joke and to see the funny side of life. Wayan loves to see his students perfect their buoyancy skills and makes sure his students understand this key concept of diving.

He has laser sharp eyes to find tiny tiny things underwater and is an expert on macro marine life, especially around the Tulamben area. He also loves showing divers the secrets of the Liberty Wreck. Wayan is originally from Tulamben in north-east Bali.

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Claresta aka Sasa

PADI Open Water Scuba & EFR Instructor 524192

Sasa’s first dive was in 2018 and decided to become a PADI Instructor in 2022 after saying goodbye to a corporate life in Singapore.

More about Sasa

Sasa came to Intrinity as a somewhat rusty Open Water Diver during the CoVid pandemic. She worked her tail off, completing her Advanced, Rescue and Divemaster courses and building up her confidence, dive skills and knowledge of the dive sites in Bali. Since she became a dive instructor, she has been happily sharing her knowledge with students. Sasa is a calm and kind dive instructor with a deep passion for the ocean. Sasa is originally from Jakarta and lived in Singapore for nearly 18 years before moving back to Indonesia.

Behind the scenes

Although you may not meet them, these team members help to make your dive day unforgettable

best dive center bali


The dive dog

After being abandoned near our dive centre, Jose decided to start a new life as Intrinity’s dive dog mascot. With his devilish good looks and all the smarts, how could we resist?

Jose sometimes accompanies Rach on dive safaris where he can be found taking a leisurely swim or charming the local warungs for a snack.

best dive center bali

Ni Pithasari

Operations & Social Media Manager

Ni is the glue that holds our team together and keeps things running like clockwork. For a non-diver (not yet!), Ni has exceptional knowledge of Bali’s underwater world and what it takes to run a great dive trip. You’ll find her in our dive centre or on Intrinity’s Instagram account. Ni is originally from Tabanan in the middle of Bali.

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Agung Sianturi

Operations and avid diver

With a Bachelor in Marine Science, Agung’s passion for the ocean shines through his work behind the scenes of your dive day. Agung will coordinate transport schedules, scrupulously ensure equipment sizing is correct and calmly pull all the crazy strings together to make sure your dive trip is as close to perfect as he can get it. Agung is a certified diver and often pops up on our dive trips on his days out of the office. Agung is originally from Sumatra.

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Pak Ketut & Bli Koming

Equipment Care

Despite being tasked with one of the messier jobs in the dive business, Pak Ketut and Bli Koming bring happiness to their work and to our team with an infectious giggle (Pak Ketut) and patient attitude (Bli Koming). They are both methodical and meticulous as they check, pack and wash the equipment for our divers. Pak Ketut is originally from Negara in west Bali and Bli Koming is from Tejakula in north Bali.

Bli Kadek


Kadek’s huge smile is often the first face our divers meet on the morning of dive day. He’s a careful driver, super knowledgeable about the shortcuts and road conditions in Bali. Kadek is also an open water diver and always happy to have a laugh and a joke. Kadek is originally from Berawa Bali.

best dive center bali

Pak Wayan


Reliable and solid as a rock, Pak Wayan has worked as a driver with Intrinity since we first opened. He’s a careful and conscientious driver and has earned himself the nickname Early Bird. Pak Wayan has tried diving a couple of times and sometimes enjoys an ocean dip whilst he’s waiting patiently for our divers to finish. Pak Wayan is from Tabanan Bali. 

best dive center bali

Bu Iluh & Mbok Eka

Cake Experts

The queens of snacks and delicious cake! Bu Iluh and Mbok Eka take great care as they cut seasonal fruits, bake the homemade banana and chocolate cakes and prepare personalised, reusable water bottles for our divers. They also make sure there’s fresh tea and coffee available for the morning car journeys. Mbok Eka is local to south Bali, and Bu Iluh is from Karangasem.

Our Team Values

Ocean Lovers

We are wildly passionate about diving and the ocean. We love what we do, our enthusiasm is contagious and we have a lot of fun on our trips. We advocate for the ocean and its protection. Where possible, we avoid single use plastics.

Customer first

We provide high quality training and dive experiences that are safe, and that help our students be the best divers they can be. We treat our guests with kindness and respect and create space for questions and learning without judgement. We never want to be the biggest, just the best. 


We have each other’s backs, we help each other to be their best, we provide feedback with kindness and constantly assess how we can improve as a team and as individuals.  


We do what we say we will.

What’s with the funny name?

Intrinity Divers was born out of a love for the ocean and diving and a desire to share our passion. But our name was also born out of love with Rach’s nephew coming up with the new word Intrinity (probably meaning infinity). ‘I love you to Intrinity Aunty!’ This sentence created a lot of laughter and also a business name with very personal roots. 

Let’s Go Diving!