Best Scuba Diving from Canggu


Our promise to you :

We provide exceptional service above and below the water.

From the delicious, homemade cake you’ll enjoy on your surface interval to the years of experience of our dive team. We are fanatics about outstanding hospitality and ensuring your dive experience with us is unforgettable – the best scuba diving experience in Bali.

Our Google reviews are a testament to this commitment.

best scuba diving bali with manta rays
A diver enjoying the best scuba diving in bali

Here’s what you can expect from your dive day or course with us:


We go out of our way to mitigate the risks involved in scuba diving in Bali. 

  • We meticulously maintain the equipment we provide to guests
  • Our guides will give you a clear and comprehensive briefing before each dive and create space for you to ask questions without judgement
  • Where necessary, we’ll perform current checks at dive sites
  • We will buddy you appropriately and ask that you complete buddy checks before diving
  • We stay within no decompression limits and ask that you do also
  • Insurance and dive computer rental is included as standard equipment for all courses; dive computer rental is included as standard equipment for guests fun diving at Nusa Penida and Candidasa
  • We carry emergency oxygen and first aid equipment on each trip

Ocean Lovers

We are wildly passionate about diving and the ocean environment. 

  • We love what we do, our enthusiasm is contagious and we have a lot of fun on our trips. 
  • We advocate for the ocean and its protection. We are members of Green Fins, and actively participate in citizen science programs such as Adopt The Blue
  • We maintain a respectful distance from marine life and coral and require that you do the same
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning detergents 
  • We avoid single use plastics as much as possible

Maximum time underwater

 We understand that diving is a significant investment of time and money. 

  • We usually dive with a maximum of two guests per guide. 
  • We do our best to maximise your time underwater by buddying you appropriately (based on air consumption and certification level) and having tight guest-to-guide ratios. 
  • We dive to 50 bar or 1 hour, whichever comes first. If the schedule and your air consumption rates allow it, we’ll dive for longer.

We never want to be the biggest dive centre, just the best.

Let’s Go Diving!