Crystal Bay


As the name suggests, the waters of Crystal Bay are generally stunningly clear, allowing you great views of the beautiful coral this area is so famous for.

When diving in Crystal Bay, we encounter turtles, black and white tip reef sharks, barracuda, jacks and giant trevally and of course the famous Oceanic Sunfish or Mola Mola when they’re about.

Currents can be dangerous at Crystal Bay – to keep you safe and maximise your enjoyment of the day, we need you have at least 10 logged dives, or an Advanced certification or hire a Private Guide.

Depth: up to 30m

Currents: can be strong and unpredictable

Temperature: 16 – 29 degrees (cold water is from July – November)

Manta Point



The dive gods have blessed Bali with the epic Manta Point dive site, where we get to share space with these majestic pelagics. We’re lucky to have very consistent and regular interactions with the Manta Rays who come to this cleaning station to have parasites removed from their gills and body by cleaner fish – win win! The Mantas cruise around, normally in groups of 3-6, although we’ve had up to 50 at a time.

Conditions at Manta Point can be subject to surge and choppy waves so please let us know in advance if you’d like a sea sickness tablet.

Depth: up to 20m

Current: moderate to strong surge rather than current

Temperature: 21 – 29 degrees (cold water is from July – November)

Not to mention…


Whilst we regularly visit Manta Point and Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida has a wealth of dive sites, with new sites being discovered all the time. If you book a three dive trip with us, depending on conditions and your experience, we’ll likely visit one of these sites

Blue Corner

For experienced divers only, the topography of Blue Corner lends itself to some wicked currents and big sea life. Mola Mola, Marble Rays and big schools of Jacks and Barracuda will join your dive.


Toyapakeh is one of our all time favourite dive sites – stunning corals and mesmerising schools of fish. With turtles popping by for a visit, you won’t want this dive to end.


Another cruisy drift site, Mangrove offers gorgeous table corals, critters hiding in the nooks and crannies and occasionally bigger stuff swimming in the blue.

SD (Sekolah Dasar)

One of our favourite drift dive sites, we catch up with sea kraits here, turtles, cruise past beautiful corals, octopus and sometimes sharks. Currents can be strong at this site so we have to choose our timing carefully.

Nusa Penida – Marine Protected Area


The marine life and underwater ecosystems surrounding Nusas Penida, Lembongan and Ceningan are protected by the creation of the Nusa Penida MPA which was established in 2010.

All guests wishing to partake in marine tourism activities in this protected area must pay a fee of Rp100,000 per person, we include this in the cost of your trip.

In addition, when enjoying the stunning marine life here, you must agree to dive and snorkel in accordance with the MPA Code of Conduct. We care so much about our marine environment, that if you choose not to follow these guidelines, you will not be permitted to dive with us.

You’ll be asked to agree to:

– Not touch coral or any other marine life
– Not enter cleaning stations (your guides will help you)
– Not approach manta or mola mola from behind or chase them
– Not block marine life escape routes
– Stay at least 3m away from manta or mola mola
– Pay attention to instructions from your guide

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Logistics


Pick up Time from Canggu: 6:45 – 7am

Travel Time: 1 hour drive to Sanur, around 1 hour on the speedboat, depending on conditions

Return Time to Canggu: approximately 5pm

Type of Dive: Boat

*Conditions to and from Penida can sometimes be choppy. Please let us know if you need a sea sickness tablet