Kids Diving In Bali

The benefits of scuba diving for kids are countless – building confidence, developing a respect for the marine environment, harnessing teamwork skills, and getting out and exploring the ocean.

At Intrinity, we specialise in teaching kids to dive; it’s one of our passions. Our instructors have years of experience teaching kids and a good understanding of how to relate to kids and their unique needs and challenges. Moreover Bali is an epic place for kids diving. 

You’ll find us to be patient and kind, with a significant focus on safety and a cheeky sense of fun! Because of this experience, we’ve developed our own kid-friendly learning materials to complement the PADI materials we provide.

We understand that signing up your child for scuba diving certification requires a massive leap of faith and trust. So here’s what you can expect from us:

  • An honest assessment about whether your child is ready to scuba dive
  • Thorough training, including dive theory, safety drills and risk management
  • Frank conversations with your child about the risks of scuba diving, including potentially fatal or life-changing outcomes, so that they are aware and can make informed decisions

If you’re not sure whether your child is ready for scuba, consider these questions:

Who’s in the diver’s seat?

Has your child expressed an interest in learning to dive, or is the primary motivation coming from a parent or other source? Scuba certification is a time-consuming and sometimes intense process and is no fun for a child who is not invested in the outcome.

Are they mature enough?

Do they understand that their behaviour underwater has (sometimes serious) consequences? Do they have the attention span to listen to and understand some of the abstract concepts of dive theory and dive briefings? Can they accept feedback? Can they respond to problems by following the rules taught, or are they more likely to act impulsively? Can they relate to hypothetical situations and discussions?

Is your child medically fit to dive?

The increased pressure our bodies experience when scuba diving affects their functioning and physiology. Of particular consideration is that children’s eustachian tubes and respiratory tracts are smaller, sometimes leading to difficulties equalising and increased risk of barotrauma. All dive students must complete a medical questionnaire before beginning their course. We also recommend that a doctor familiar with the complications of diving checks your child is medically fit to dive.

Can your child swim?

Adequate watermanship and general overall comfort in the water are critical skills for a child wanting to scuba dive. Your child must swim 200m and float for 10 minutes as part of the course requirements.

Will your child feel confident to speak up if they feel discomfort or don't understand something?

A critical part of the instructor’s responsibility is to build trust and good communication skills as kids learn in the classroom and pool. However, your child must be able to express fears and discomfort. Whilst we’re very good at reading kids’ reactions, critical communication skills are essential.

Can you step back and allow the experts to teach your child?

As a certified dive parent, scuba diving with your child is one of the biggest joys. Parents are welcome to join courses as fun divers; we’ll provide a separate guide so your child’s instructor can focus on your child.

However, diving with your child also presents unique challenges – we need you to be able to self-reflect and sometimes step back and trust the instructor to allow your child to make mistakes. We have the good judgement to know when to step back and when to step in; a highly involved parent can sometimes distract or prevent learning.


Kids Diving Courses in the Pool - Icon Kids Diving Courses in the Pool

A little boy learning how to clear water out of his mask during Kids diving Bali

Bubblemaker Course – from 8yrs

The Bubblemaker course is your child’s chance to take their first breaths underwater and experiment with scuba gear in a fun and safe way.

Your child must be 8 or older and comfortable in the water. No prior experience is necessary, but written parental approval is required.

More about Bubblemaker course:
  • Experience scuba diving under the direct care and supervision of a PADI Pro.
  • Take their first breaths underwater in water shallower than 2 metres.
  • Learn about and use scuba diving equipment made for children – not adults.
  • Have lots of fun!
Kids diving Bali - learning essential scuba skills for kids in the pool during a junior open water course

PADI Seal Team – from 8yrs

The PADI Seal Team programme teaches children 8 years and older responsibility and respect for the aquatic realm.

Young adventurers learn basic scuba skills and complete AquaMissions in the pool, gaining experience in what it’s like to dive with torches, recover treasures from the deep, float effortlessly like an Astronaut or even take digital photographs underwater.

More about PADI Seal Team:

Part one of the programme involves AquaMissions 1 – 5, and covers basic scuba diving skills, such as breathing underwater, clearing a mask of water, recovering a regulator and swimming around experiencing the sensation of being weightless.

Each session takes about an hour.

Upon completion of these AquaMissions your child becomes a recognised PADI Seal Team Member. 

Part two, 10 specialty AquaMissions, includes adventures like creature identification, search and recovery diving, and skin diving.

Complete all of these and your child will become a PADI Master Seal Team Member – joining an elite group of young scuba divers.

Kids Diving Courses in the Ocean - Icon Kids Diving Courses in the Ocean

Kids diving Bali doing a discover scuba dive in Amed

PADI Junior Open Water – from 10yrs

Children 10 years and older can gain scuba certification through the Junior Open Water Diver course.

The content of the PADI Junior Open Water Course is exactly the same as the Open Water course taught to adults, including the theory component.

More about PADI Junior Open Water:

Young divers are restricted to maximum depth and who they can dive with once certified. For this reason, it’s vital that you choose the instructor for your child carefully.

It’s sometimes challenging to communicate the theory components of the course in a way that emphasises the safety aspects without unnecessarily scaring children, not to mention ensuring they adequately grasp physics and physiology concepts important to diving.

We ensure that your child’s learning experience balances the right amount of fun and emphasises safety to make them a very competent and safe diver. Before accepting your child as a student, we need to meet them to ensure they’re ready for the theory and practical components of the course.


  • Prerequisites: minimum of 10 years old, adequate swimming skills and in good physical health.
  • Certification: Junior Open Water Diver
  • After Certification: 10-11 year olds are restricted to diving with a parent/guardian or PADI Professional to a maximum of 12 metres.
  • 12-14 year olds must dive with an adult certified diver.
a Kid diving in menjangan Bali

Junior Advanced Open Water – from 12yrs

Kids thirsty to learn and advance their diving skills can continue their diving education through the Junior Advanced Open Water certification course. This course is excellent for a junior diver to learn greater underwater awareness and responsibility and fine-tune dive skills. 

More about Junior Advanced Open Water:

They will experience five adventure dives during the course, getting the chance to perfect buoyancy skills, go down to 21 metres, learn how to use a compass and navigate around the dive site, experience a night dive for the first time, and dive a wreck. They could also choose to enhance their Fish ID or Underwater Naturalist skills.


  • Prerequisites: minimum of 12 years old, adequate swimming skills and in good physical health; Junior Open Water certification
  • Certification: Junior Advanced Open Water Diver
  • After Certification: 12-14 year olds are restricted to a maximum depth of 21 metres and must dive with an adult, certified diver.

Kids Events - icon Kids Diving Events

Kids diving in bali and having fun in the pool

Dive Birthday Parties

Kids diving birthday parties are the best!

Your birthday boy or girl will be able to introduce up to five of their friends to the fun of the underwater world in a safe and supported environment.

What an epic way to celebrate a kid’s birthday in Bali!

More about dive birthday parties:

After a safety briefing, they will play with rockets underwater, test each other with underwater egg and spoon races, and swim through hoops.

Catering and cakes are also available to make parents’ lives easier. Contact us for availability and pricing.


  • Prerequisites: minimum age 8 years, all participants must have adequate swimming skills and be in good physical health.
Kids diving Bali - learning buoyancy as part of the PADI Seal team

School Holiday Programmes

What better way for your kids to experience the adventures of Bali and keep their brains engaged during the school holidays?!

We often run kids diving certification, Bubblemaker and SEAL Team programmes during Bali school holidays, and as Junior Open Water certification programmes.

Minimum numbers apply, so contact us to let us know you’re interested!