Bali Focused First Aid Training


True, we are first and foremost a dive company but we do have a slightly obsessive side-passion for First Aid (Emergency First Responder or EFR). Maybe it comes from teaching so many kids and being ultra safety conscious or being asked about our EFR courses by the parents of the kids we teach.


Our courses are comprehensive, taught by a mother tongue English speaker, and will equip you with the confidence and skills you need should you be faced with an emergency situation.


Bali First Aid Training

Course Contents


Our course covers both Primary and Secondary care, including CPR and as a bonus, we also include valuable information and training about potential health hazards that you may come across in Bali. We cover wildlife – what to do and where to go if you’re stung or bitten; signs, symptoms and treatments for common ailments in Bali, and a wealth of other useful information.


With videos, theory and practical components, we cater for individual training, however it’s much more fun in a group so get your friends together and enroll in this potentially life-saving course.