First Aid Training Bali

Our obsession with safety has led us to deep dive into first aid, emergency planning and risk management.

Our knowledgeable instructors are certified to teach courses first aid courses accredited by both PADI and DAN.

DAN or the Divers Alert Network is the world’s most recognized and respected, not for profit dive safety organization. As well as providing dive insurance and evacuation services, DAN has taken its years of research to create lifesaving educational programs, some of which are offered by Intrinity Divers. You can read more about DAN here.

First Aid Courses

First Aid Training – Basic Life Support

This entry level first aid training course requires no previous experience and will prepare you to provide emergency, potentially life saving care for injuries and illnesses whilst professional medical services are on the way.

This course is useful for all emergency situations, and all students. It does not focus on diving accidents and injuries although these can be covered. This course is a prerequisite for the Rescue Diver Course

You will learn:

  • One and two person CPR for infants, children and adults
  • How to use an AED (automatic external defibrillator)
  • Recognise and treat serious bleeds and burns
  • Assist a choking child or adult
  • Treat a patient in shock
  • Secondary first aid skills including assessments, bandaging and splinting

Intrinity also includes valuable information and training about potential health hazards that you may come across in Bali. We cover wildlife – what to do and where to go if you’re stung or bitten; signs, symptoms and treatments for common ailments in Bali, and a wealth of other useful information.

Price: Rp1,650,000

first aid training bali for nannies
Paediatric First Aid Training Bali

First Aid Training –

Paediatric (children and infants) including water safety

Equipping yourself with a plan and knowledge of what to do in an emergency (especially with the unique considerations of living in Bali), can give you invaluable peace of mind and confidence to take action.

The content provided in this paediatric is essential knowledge for parents and nannies alike. This course and associated learning materials are offered in Indonesian and English.

You will learn about injuries and illnesses specific to children and their unique requirements in the context of first aid. 

  • One and two person CPR for infants, children and adults
  • How to use an AED (automatic external defibrillator)
  • Recognise and treat serious bleeds and burns
  • Assist a choking child
  • Emergency action planning and water safety considerations for your home
  • Secondary first aid skills including assessments, bandaging and splinting
  • Risk management in Bali – wildlife, response times and local knowledge
  • Optional: water safety rules and rescue techniques for parents and nannies

Price: Rp1,650,000

First Aid Training –Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries 

An essential first aid training course for any scuba diver since emergency oxygen is a vital first aid treatment for scuba diving injuries.

During this course you’ll learn how to recognise signs and symptoms of decompression illness and how to administer potentially life saving emergency oxygen to the injured diver. 

Price: Rp750,000

first aid training bali emergency oxygen cylinder
Diving First Aid training bali

Diving First Aid for Professional Divers

DAN’s Diving First Aid for Professional Divers provides valuable, tailored information for the more serious diver and/or dive professional. This is the most comprehensive first aid training course in the industry, by divers, for divers. 

As well as covering all elements of the Basic Life Support and Emergency O2 courses, the DFA pro course extends to include training on first aid treatment for marine life injuries and neurological assessment of divers who may have decompression illness. 

You will learn:

  • How to recognise neurological injuries and perform an objective assessment
  • How to manage injured patients with neurological implications 
  • Essential information to relay to professional emergency services
  • Identify and treat hazardous marine life injuries

Price: Rp1,950,000

Is this a certification course?

We offer courses certified by DAN (the Divers Alert Network) for both divers and non divers alike. 

If you’d like us to tailor a course to your requirements, please drop us a message!

What's included?

Theory online, practical training and certification. 

Are there any prerequisites?

No prerequisites! Except a willingness to learn and have fun.

What’s the estimated schedule?

Normally the courses run from 9am through to 4pm or so, but it depends on your requirements and the size of the group. 

Can you teach at my location?

Yes happily!

How long does the elearning take?

Normally around 3-4 hours.

How do I sign up?

We ask for a deposit payment to confirm your booking. Contact our team if you’d like to book!

Do you offer a discount for large groups?

We’re happy to adjust our pricing based on your group booking. The maximum number of participants we recommend is 10.