Eco Friendly Dive Centre Bali

Our beloved marine environment inspires us to do our best to take care of it and our planet. Intrinity Divers has long been a supporter of local business and advocate for the environment.

Here’s How:

When diving with us, you’ll agree to:

  • Not touch, kick or stand on coral, maintain good buoyancy control
  • Not chase or harass marine life, maintain a respectful distance
  • Not feed fish or other marine life
  • Not remove anything natural from the marine environment
  • Not wear gloves (they are unnecessary and promote touching)
  • Not litter (including organic material)
  • Use reef safe sunscreen and anti-fog (we provide both)
  • Follow greenfins and Nusa Penida Marine protected area guidelines

Guests who do not comply with these guidelines will not be allowed to dive with us.

Marine Protection

Ocean defenders

We understand that this is a strong approach and we will do our best to support you to abide by these guidelines.

As well as the enjoyment of our guests, our goal is to ensure our dive industry remains sustainable for future generations by protecting our stunning ocean environment.

We avoid polluting our environment

Toxic Free

Above and below the water, we avoid using harsh chemicals that pollute our environment.

We opt for delicious smelling, plant based natural disinfectant and cleaning products that are made here on Bali island

We avoid single use plastics

No single-use plastics

We minimise our environmental footprint by avoiding single use and other plastics. 

From the reusable water bottles and coffee cups that are provided to each guest on dive day, to the metal cutlery that we send on Penida lunch trips.

We go out of our way to ensure our dive and daily operations say a big F OFF to single use plastics.

Marine Protection

Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area

The marine life and underwater ecosystems surrounding Nusas Penida, Lembongan and Ceningan are protected by the creation of the Nusa Penida MPA which was established in 2010. All guests wishing to partake in marine tourism activities in this protected area must pay a fee of Rp100,000 per person, we include this in the cost of your trip.

Nusa Penida Diving Code of Conduct

In addition, when enjoying the stunning marine life here, you must agree to dive and snorkel in accordance with the MPA Code of Conduct.

We care so much about our marine environment, that if you choose not to follow these guidelines, unfortunately you will not be permitted to dive with us.

You’ll be asked to agree:

  • Not touch coral or any other marine life
  • Not enter cleaning stations (your guides will help you)
  • Not approach manta or mola mola from behind or chase them
  • Not block marine life escape routes
  • Stay at least 3m away from manta or mola mola
  • Pay attention to instructions from your guide

In 2023, we were accepted as a Greenfins member and our goal for 2024 is to become a silver member. Greenfins is an amazing organisation which promotes an environmentally sustainable diving and snorkeling industry by requiring members to follow guidelines that protect and preserve coral reefs.

Here are the Greenfins guidelines and code of conduct:

PADI Eco Dive centre Bali GF Code of Conduct Guidelines
Eco Dive centre Bali Best Practices for divers
Environmentally aware dive centre GF Code of Conduct
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