Liberty Wreck Dive Tulamben

Bali’s most iconic dive site is the USAT Liberty shipwreck at Tulamben in northeast Bali.

When scuba diving Tulamben, we do shore dives around this World War II shipwreck, a super dive site for beginner and more experienced divers alike (no overhead environments). We usually enjoy excellent visibility, kind currents and warm water. The wreck has become an artificial reef since it sank in 1942. It’s covered in hard and soft corals, giant clams and barrel sponges, and all manner of schooling fish.

It’s a huge dive site – 120m long, starting only 3m below the surface, with the ship’s bow at 28m deep. There’s so much to see that we usually do two dives on the wreck itself, although there are also plenty of other dive sites to explore at Tulamben.

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scuba diving tulamben like a boss

Whilst the whole wreck itself is impressive, a highlight of the Liberty dive is to head into the cargo room.

This room is open at the top and bottom, so while we still have direct access to the surface, recreational divers can feel what it’s like to be inside a shipwreck.

If you look carefully, you can still spot the original railway sleeper cargo lying on the floor, sometimes with a nudibranch sitting on top. 

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Things to see

Liberty Wreck Dive Tulamben - Things To See

The wreck is a magnet for marine life large and small.

Hawksbill turtles and octopus are frequently seen in the shallows and huge schools of fusiliers and oriental sweetlips glide over the structure along with moray and garden eels.

And then there’s the macro…a huge variety of nudibranchs, shrimps, frogfish, orangutan crabs, leaf scorpionfish, ghost pipefish, electric clams… sharpen your eyes and bring out your macro lens. 

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Discover the best bali dive sites when scuba diving tulamben like this one at the liberty wreck in tulamben with our dive centre in canggu
  • Currents – mild – moderate, normally dies off quickly 
  • Temperature – 27-29 degree
  • Suitable for snorkellers, shore entry off a rocky beach, booties are recommended
  • Depth – 5 – 30 metres

Let’s Go Diving!

Other Tulamben Dive Sites

A beautiful anemone seen while scuba diving tulamben

The Tulamben Drop Off

There’s so much more to scuba diving Tulamben than just the wreck. The Drop Off is a stunning wall dive, with abundant hard and soft corals, gorgonian fans, and crinoids.

We start the dive looking for nudibranchs, eels, and seahorse in the sand and rocks, and then head out to the vertical wall.

Around the point, we dive a sloping reef, home to plentiful schooling fish, turtles and sometimes sharks in the blue.

The drop off is usually quite protected from current and waves.

Another variety of nudibranch seen whilst scuba diving tulamben

Macro diving at Coral Garden

We love this dive site for the artificial reefs that have formed on the statues, the great macro and the sea of anemones in the shallows.

A simple sloping reef, this dive site is found in between the wreck and the drop off. It’s great for occasional shark sightings, turtles, cuttlefish, and the small stuff.

Our expert guides will help you see- a wide variety of nudibranchs, leaf scorpionfish, frogfish, pygmy seahorses, shrimps, crabs, and ghost pipefish.

What’s included in the price?

Two dives – transport (pick up and drop off at your hotel), equipment excl dive computer, tanks and weights, boat, lunch, snacks, water and your guide.  

What is the pickup and return time?
Approximately 6:00am pickup and 5pm return time. 
Can I do a Discover Scuba Dive on the shipwreck?
Yes! We have a swimming pool onsite at Tulamben, so it’s a great place to train you first before taking you up to 12m deep for two dives on the beautiful Liberty wreck. You can read more details here.  

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