Kubu Wreck Dive

A short drive from Tulamben, Kubu is one of Bali diving’s better-kept secrets.

The Kubu wreck dive (or Boga Wreck) is a star attraction for advanced divers. It’s a 38-metre decommissioned Indonesian government patrol boat which was deliberately scuttled here close to the shore in 2011. We often see white-tip reef sharks, barracuda, cuttlefish, leaf scorpionfish and a host of small critters for the macro lovers.

Ask us about a wreck diving adventure where we explore both the Kubu wreck and the USAT Liberty wreck on the same day!

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A diver enjoying the kubu wreck dive

The shipwreck is still very much intact, with some fantastic swim-throughs and various artefacts from pots to statues, even an old Volkswagen car.

The wreck starts at 14m deep and, at its deepest point, is around 38m, so we require at least an Advanced certification to dive here.

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Things to see

some of the statues and artefacts that were deliberately placed on the kubu wreck dive site

The Kubu wreck has become an artificial reef over time, hosting a huge array of sea life.

We often see nudibranchs, turtles, white-tip reef sharks, garden and moray eels, snapper, schooling fusiliers, parrotfish, octopus, orangutan crabs, leaf scorpionfish, stonefish, lionfish, enormous barrel sponges and table corals. 

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hovering over the bow of the kubu wreck dive site
  • Currents – mild to moderate
  • Temperature – 27-29 degrees
  • Visibility – 15-25m
  • Shore diving
  • Depth – 15 – 40 metres
  • Swim through this shipwreck with visible entrance and exit points

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Other Dive Sites

A diver sitting on an underwater motorbike at the Kubu reef.

Kubu Reef

Next door to the Kubu wreck is a lovely coral reef with some colossal table corals, soft corals and all manner of sea life waiting to be spotted.

It’s a relaxing site to chill out after doing the exhilarating wreck dive, with some Insta-worthy installations such as bicycles and motorbikes to explore. We often see octopus, cuttlefish, stone and scorpion fish, and excellent schools of reef fish.

What’s included in the price?

Two dives – transport (pick up and drop off at your hotel), equipment rental incl dive computer, tanks and weights, boat, lunch, snacks, water and your guide.  

What is the pickup and return time?

Approximately 6:00am pickup and 5pm return time. 

Is a Deep Diving Specialty certification required?

If you’d like to explore deeper than 30m, a deep diving certification is required. However, there’s plenty to see within advanced open water depths to maximum 30m. You won’t miss out!

How long is the swim through? Am I ready for this dive?
The swim through stars on the deck of the ship and divers can come up through the bow. It’s around 10-12m long with the entrance and exit points clearly visible. Divers should be experienced, calm and have good SAC rates before considering this dive site. Talk to us if you have questions or concerns or dive with us somewhere else first 🙂

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