Diving in Amed

Amed diving is a chill dive day with friendly currents and beautiful coral with Jemeluk Bay home to an extraordinary and abundant reef.

Diving in Amed is best using boats with the traditional outrigger jukungs adding some character to your dive day. Currents are pretty tidal and can be intense, so timing is essential. Amed is a great place to learn to dive or try diving in the right conditions.

We return to the restaurant between dives to relax, have a delicious snack and enjoy breathtaking views of Mt Agung.


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A diver at Pyramids dive site Amed with a hawksbill turtle

The Amed Wall is a dramatic and beautiful dive site with a vast, shallow coral shelf home to abundant marine life and juvenile fish. This shelf abruptly drops off to a 30m+ vertical wall, a stunning dive. 

Currents here can be strong but predictable with the tides, so timing is essential. At its best, we love the clear visibility, schooling sea life and friendly currents.

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Things to see

A beautiful pygmy seahorse

Hawksbill turtles and green turtles often make an appearance, and Amed is great for critters such as pygmy seahorse, nudibranchs, peacock mantis shrimp, leaf scorpionfish, scorpion fish, moray eels, blue ribbon eels, ghost pipefish and frogfish. 

You may also see pelagics in the blue such as rays and sharks. Schooling spadefish and batfish compliment the beautiful coral.

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Diving the wall in Amed
  • Currents – tidal, mild to strong
  • Temperature – 26 – 29 degrees
  • Suitable for – Discover Scuba divers through to experienced 
  • Depth 5 – 40 metres

Let’s Go Diving!

Other Amed Dive Sites

Abundant schooling fish and beautiful coral on the Amed shore dive


Pyramids dive site is a beautiful sloping reef that flattens to the famous Amed black sand at about 16m. 

The pyramid structures deliberately placed here have become artificial reefs, covered in hard and soft corals over time.

They are home to leaf scorpion fish, frogfish, ghost pipefish and blue spotted rays. On the reef, we almost always see hawksbill turtles, peacock mantis shrimps, white-tip reef sharks, and pygmy seahorses. 

This dive is often a gentle drift dive and is excellent for beginner and experienced divers alike.

Gorgeous gorgonian fan at Bunutan dive site


Bunutan is a super dive site for advanced divers.

It’s a deep dive (up to 30m), generally with a strong drift current.  The enormous barrel sponges and glorious sea fans are just breathtaking here. 

As well as abundant reef fish, the currents often bring bigger stuff out in the blue, including schooling barracuda, sharks and jacks. 

Best done as an exhilarating morning dive, this dive site is suitable for experienced divers with reasonable air consumption rates and experience in drift currents.

Abundant reef life can be seen here diving in Amed

Jemeluk Bay

The shore dive at Jemeluk Bay is beautiful, with gorgeous coral life and often fantastic macro.

Ghost pipe fish, frogfish, cuttlefish, scorpionfish, eels, nudibranchs, lionfish, and other reef fish are waiting for us just below the surface. 

We often meet common seahorses at around 3-4m on the sandy bottom.

A stunning common seahorse found doing a shore dive in Amed

Macro Diving

If you love the challenge of macro diving, Melasti and Ghost Bay are very rewarding dive sites.

With not much coral to speak of, the excitement here is in the tiny critters that inhabit the sand.

Ghost pipefish, frogfish, nudibranchs, harlequin shrimp, seahorses, and seasonal blue ring octopus are all to be found here. 

What’s included in the price?

Two dives – transport (pick up and drop off at your hotel), equipment excl dive computer, tanks and weights, boat, lunch, snacks, water and your guide.  

What is the pickup and return time?

Approximately 6:00am pickup and 5pm return time. 

Is it good for snorkelling?

Yes! Your non-diving friends will love the chilled vibes of Amed snorkelling and get to see beautiful, shallow coral, abundant fish and underwater statues. Conditions usually are kind, with flat water and mild currents. 

Can I do three dives?

Yes, although it may be better to consider an overnight trip. If you’re okay with a long day, pick-up will be around 5:30 a.m. and return around 6:30 p.m., depending on your dive time. Please check our pricing page for additional charges for your third dive.  

What about a night dive?

Melasti is an exciting night dive for cephalopod and frogfish lovers, with these critters regularly appearing. We also love the Jemeluk shore as a night dive. 

Can I fly after diving?

You must leave at least 18 hours, preferably 24 hours after diving before you can fly. Refresh your open water theory by reading more here.

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