We love the cruisy drift current we normally have at this dive site, as well as the structures that have been placed underwater to help regenerate the reef.

The sloping reef and surrounding is abundant with fish life, turtles, and macro subjects such as frog fish and ghost pipe fish. Enjoy the stunning hard and soft corals as you sit back and drift through the site.

Depth: up to 25m

Currents: normally a mild drift

Temperature: 27-29 degrees

Amed Wall


A stunning dive site, the wall at the end of Jemeluk Bay in Amed can serve up some tricky currents at times. Covered in both hard and soft corals, the dive site is host to octopus, frog fish, stunning gorgonian fans hiding pygmy sea horse, ghost pipe fish, as well as eels, lion fish hiding under the shelves.

Keep an eye in the blue for white and black tip reef sharks, eagle rays and Napoleon wrasse.

Depth: up to 40m

Currents: mild to strong

Temperature: 25-29 degrees



Around 15-20 minute boat ride from Amed will take you to the village of Bunutan – a pretty uneventful sandy area until you hit around 20m. From 20m, it’s like diving in an aquarium – big schools of barracude, giant trevally, jacks and reef fish, as well as bigger stuff like sharks.

With stunning coral, moray eels and friendly turtles, divers with advanced certifications should put this one on their list.

Depth: up to 40m

Currents: mild to strong

Temperature: 26-29 degrees

Gili Selang

This dive site is a small island at the eastern most point of Bali, where the Lombok Strait and Bali Sea meet. For this reason, it can be subject to some wicked currents that make the site suitable for Advanced divers with minimum 20 logged dives. Stunning soft corals, bohmies, gorgonian fans and barrel sponges are present, as well as schooling jacks and mackerel, with the lucky ones glancing schools of bigger stuff in the blue…

Depth: 25m

Currents: moderate to strong, unpredictable and complex

Temperature: 24- 29 degrees

Japanese Wreck


Little is known of the history of the Japanese Wreck, however this doesn’t detract from the beauty of the site.

A small ship, it’s covered in soft corals, black coral, sponges, gorgonian fans and a wide array of sea life. The wreck starts at 6m deep and goes down to around 12m, and is a straight forward entry from the shore.

There’s a very pretty wall to the left of the wreck and lots of critters to be found in the sand surrounding.

Depth: up to 20m

Currents: not generally

Temperature: 27-29 degrees

Amed Logistics


Pick up Time from Canggu: 6am

Travel Time: Approximately 2.5hrs

Return Time to Canggu: Approximately 5pm

Type of Dive: Shore and Boat